Sunday, February 21, 2010


I literally just received this CD in the mail about three hours ago, and I can't stop listening to it (Well, that was the case when I first wrote this review.)!

I bought the CD because I was fortunate enough to have discovered Craig Morgan, recently. In watching YouTube, I came across his new video/song LOVE REMEBERS, and instantly fell in love with it. That song alone was worth purchasing the CD but a few others seemed like they would be good as well. I have now been listening to it for three hours and can't seem to stop.

My favorites so far:

Love Remembers
God Must Really Love Me
That's Why
Summer Sundown
Every Red Light
It Took A Woman
Planet Her
Ordinary Angels

Okay, so I ended up listing every song except one, so I might as well add that as well.

Look’ in Back With You

Which by the way is also great.

Thank you Craig Morgan for this amazing CD, and to your family for supporting you so we can be blessed with your wonderful voice and music. It's so nice to have such an amazing writer and singer that knows his priorities in life. God, the family.
God bless.

Don't miss out...pick up this CD today. And while you’re at it, check out his other CD's. I highly recommend them!

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