Tuesday, October 26, 2010



As much as I was disturbed by this movie for so many reasons, I was also very disturbed by a few reviewers’ comments. I agree, the movie was not presented in the most entertaining way but really, that was not the point, nor its purpose. How can one be so shallow as to not have compassion and sympathy for these individuals and what they endured?

I’ve volunteered in the prison and jail ministry for several years. No matter how much society wants to deny it, these cases are not rare, unheard of, or fabricated. They happen all the time! What often goes on in the systems can be like a horror movie played out, messing with people’s lives on all kinds of levels. Destroying one individual at a time, often taking many innocent people with them.

One thing this movie brought to lights is not only is the system often unjust, the people working in it are often evil, filled and hatred. There are innocent lives being shattered, as well as the affects it has on their loved ones.

How often do people point fingers, condemn, and judge! But never stop to think of their loved ones. They are often the innocent and hurting. We all have a father and a mother, grandparents, many of us siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, best friends. Whether or not someone is guilty or innocent, they often have loved ones out there that did nothing wrong to deserve the hurt by every cruel word and action directed towards the one convicted.

This movie elicited so many emotions it’s hard to even put them into words. Each story unique, tugging at my heart. To think what these individuals endured! How their families suffered! And for what?!?!? They were all innocent! But the revelation of that fact could NEVER reverse the damage that had been done from a wrongful conviction!

But through it all, God did show up! These men and this woman are extraordinary, faithful, inspiring individuals.

When the movie ended I was speechless, motionless for some time. I clenched my eyes shut and sat in silence, tying to soak it all in.

How? – How could people be so cruel?

Why? - Why do we allow such things to happen?

Evil? - How can one allow Satan to enter their lives and inflict so much pain and injustices?

God? - God has nothing to do with Evil…that’s all Satan. God allows us free will, and with that free will many men have chosen to follow Satan instead of God, therefore allowing evil to attempt to devour the world and destroy God’s people He loves so dearly.

When I was finally able to pull myself together, I did the only thing I could after such an experience. I reached for my Bible. I closed my eyes and opened it up. The pages before me…the end of Matthew, chapter 12 and be beginning of chapter 13. The bold heading that stood out and grabbed my attention reflected that of the movie. Once again God had not failed to comfort me in my time of need, giving me His word to find peace. At least enough to allow me to eventually fall asleep.

I pray that people from all over will watch this movie. That it will move their hearts the way it did mine, giving them the knowledge and compassion to realize we are in no position to judge and condemn. Yes, there are those that are guilty and should pay for their crimes. But there are also those that are wrongfully convicted. For those that are guilty, I just have one phrase those judging…What would Jesus do! And that’s not a question. The facts are all there in black in one. One just has to open the cover and read. Treat others they way you’d want to be treated. You reap what you sow. And the greatest of these is…love.

Pure talking heads here. Several wrongly convicted ex-cons, played by actors, tell their stories of woe. You've heard it all before. This is a stage play adaptation that's more play than movie. Maybe the play worked better. This got on my nerves.

Sorry to hear you missed the whole point. The words "no heart" comes to mind. I agree at first it was hard to stay focus. So many different stories and the way it was presented. But if you’d stuck with it, you might have been captivated by the individual’s lives, as well as discovered the horrifying truths and then maybe you would have discovered some compassion within.

1) Anyone can tell these people's stories. I would be pissed if I have to pay to see this movie in the theater.
2) This HAS to be one of the BORINGEST if not The Most Boring movie I’ve EVER seen !!!Guess I could tag it A Waste Of Time?

Sorry to hear you missed the whole point. The words "no heart" comes to mind. I agree at first it was hard to stay focus. So many different stories and the way it was presented. Sorry to hear you weren't captivated by the individual’s stories enough to discover the horrifying truths of then, allowing you to ascertain some compassion within.

If you chose to make the effort to locate and watch this movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.



Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hold on to your bonnet, for once you start this amazing story you'll be taken on a whirlwind of an adventure. Talk about a quick read. I had the hardest time putting it down, my life easily forgotten but the house needed cleaning, the kids needed to be taken care of, meals needed to be made...

What amazing characters, you're sure to fall in love with. I loved Jericho and Hannah. It was as if they were real people. I loved every situation they were placed in, and how it played out. I caught myself rereading several lines, they were that good. It's hard to believe this was her first novel. Every scene was amazing. Every chapter ended in a way that leaves you no choice but to start the next. It wasn't long before I reached the end, wishing for it to go on, and on.

Make sure to check out Karen Witemeyer's website for the epilogue. You won't want to miss it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


After discovering the video on Youtube, IF I DIE YOUNG I wasn't sure if I liked the song or not, let alone Kimberly's' voice. The next time it popped up, I was drawn to it and gave it another try. And another, and another, and before long I decided I really liked it, along with Kimberly's unique voice. Not able to get enough of this great song, I just had to purchase it from itunes.

I later started watching/listening to HIP TO MY HEART, and once again wasn't too sure what I thought about it. This time it didn't take me long to decided I like it, too. Only problem was, I couldn't seem to get enough of it.

With a quick search, I discovered they were releasing a new CD in October. Okay, I'll wait to purchase another song off of itunes. Patience. Patience. I must say it was worth the wait. What a great CD. Love all the songs! Music and lyrics. I love everything about them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


HEAD IN THE CLOUDS has my head in the clouds, dreaming of meeting my Gideon. What a wonderful story.

Probably the first half of the book I took my time, reading slowing, absorbing every word. After that point, I could no longer hold back and flipped through the pages, rapidly. If the cover doesn’t draw you in, then the title surely will. But if that isn’t enough, if you dare to read between the covers, the first page is bound to capture you.

As an aspiring writer, I savored every word. HEAD IN THE CLOUDS was brilliantly written, with an amazing storyline that will take you on an adventure you never want to end. How could one not fall in love with Gideon Westcott, as well as Adelaide Proctor? Every character was alive, bringing you into their world in such a way you forget they’re not real.

Karen was able to give Gideon a strong faith in such a natural way it flowed throughout the book, never seeming forced or jarring. Adelaide’s was also presented in the same way. Two wonderfully strong characters that seemed to compliment one another.

There was never a dull moment in HEAD IN THE CLOUDS. What there was is a wonderful placement of action, and romance at all the right times. Always believable, keeping you turning the pages. Right up to the very end.

It’s hard to believe this is only her second book. I can’t wait to get started on her first, A TAILOR-MADE BRIDE. Karen has definitely been added to my “favorite authors” list.

Funny thing, I had forgotten I signed up to be an influencer for this book. In September I went to the ACFW Conference in IN, and spotted HEAD IN THE CLOUDS and purchased it, along with A TAILOR-MADE BRIDE. When I arrived home, guess what was awaiting me? A copy of HEAD IN THE CLOUDS from the publisher! So even though I originally signed up to be an influencer, I don’t consider myself one because before that became a reality, I had purchased it on my own. I was that drawn to the story!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


What a cute surprise. I'm really not all that into goofiness. But Confessions of a Shopaholic was goofy, silly, funny, and just plain cute.

I hadn't even heard of it when I spotted it at my local library and when I noticed Hugh Dancy was one of the main characters; I had to give it a try. I'd just loved him in Ella Enchanted.

Though very silly, it was a great story, well done and acted.

I just might be tempted to watch it again.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Wow, what an amazing movie. Love it! The setting was wonderful as well as the acting. The story itself was fascinating. Great action with the right amount of romance with a true hero. The more I experience movies with Russell Crowe, the greater appreciation for the man I have. He is truly a gifted actor.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As soon as I heard about this movie coming out, I knew I had to see. I was pleasantly surprised by Miley's acting. I think she did a great job. It was an amazing story. Having watched a few of Nicholas Sparks movies, I know to expect something amazing...except when I read the book first.

After seeing A WALK TO REMEMBER several times, I finally made the decision to read the book. The first of the Nicholas Sparks books I've read. Though it was well written and a good story I could not believe how different it was. I guess I should have known then when I decided to see DEAR JOHN how different the movie would be from the book. What a letdown that was, though I'm sure it would have been good if I hadn't had the book to base if off of. Why, oh why do authors let that happen! And movie directors. If a book is a hit, why in God's name would they change it? And I mean major changes. It makes me wonder which I should do...read Nicholas Sparks books or see his movies?

It's not really working, doing both.

Friday, October 1, 2010


When I first caught a glimpse of WHEN IN ROME, I was intrigued. A better look at the commercial and I later decided it seemed kind of stupid, to be honest. So when it came out at the theater I didn't bother to see it. But when I discovered it was at our library I figured, why not. Boy was I glad I did. What a cute movie! Well acted and a great storyline. Totally believable romance...between the main characters.