Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am so blessed to have been EXPOSED to this amazing book.

Some of the words that come to mind:






Ashley Weis is an amazing story teller. Exposed was beautifully written, and a story so desperately needed to be told. With today’s society so inundated with sex, it’s a must read. Ashley did an amazing job of keeping her readers turning pages. There are three main characters, Ally, Taylor and Jessie. Every other chapter was Ally and Jessie’s story, the others were Taylor’s.

Every chapter ending left you NEEDING to turn the next page. A definite “Wow” or “What” response. The entire story took you on an amazing journey into the lives of those affected by the porn industry.

The husband, the one caught up in the lies of porn.

The wife, the discovery of her husband’s addiction turns her world upside down.

The “porn star”, the devastation the industry inflicts on ones soul.

Every chapter had me captivated. The heart of the story and the way it was told was enough for this amazing book to stand on its own. I pretty much figured where the story was going…but oh how wrong I was.

With about seventy pages to go, I slipped into my bed and started to read. I soon realized I wouldn’t be putting it down until I finished. But what I hadn’t imagined is I would be shocked not once, or twice, but three times. I was blown away by the ending. The words amazingly powerful come to mind.

I can’t tell you want chapter I was on when the weeping began but I can tell you this. It did not stop until long after I closed the book. I can’t remember ever finishing a fictional book and wanting to pray for the characters with stories that touched my soul so deeply I ached for them.

My prayer is that this book will one day become a bestseller. The compassion alone it creates is one our society is in desperate need of.

DISCLOSURE: What can I say, I love books. As an inspiring author I love to read and share my experience of the books I’ve read. Through my reviews on Amazon, along with being part of the ACFW Email Loop, I’ve been blessed to be allowed as an influencer for several books. Of course not every book that’s looking for influencers is for me. I do my homework first. First I note the cover, then the title. If those two things draw me in, I then go to Amazon or other places I can read a synopsis. If I’ve never read the authors work before, I then read the first several pages when possible to see if their writing appeals to me.

When I receive a book, I’m quite excited to get started though in the misty of the excitement often comes a little anxiety. I am honest to a fault and hate nothing more than the thought of having to give a bad review. Thanks to the good Lord above, I have rarely come across one that I didn’t like. In fact quite the opposite. Many times I’m thrilled to have been blessed to read such a wonderful story. I’ve discovered several new authors I now can’t wait to read their next novel. And that is something I love to spread so it’s really a win, win situation.

This book was one of those blessings I offered to be an influencer.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



BROKEN is like no other I’ve read. Being a fan of Travis Thrasher’s romance novels, when I spotted BROKEN I purchased it. Though he may write in a variety of genre, how can one not at least give one of his other novels a try?

I loved the journal entries before each chapter. It pulled you into the very heart of the main character, Laila.

The story started as pure mystery that kept you turning the pages, wanting to understand what was going on. As the story unfolds, page after page, you are slowly taken on a journey of a young woman who through a series of bad choices found herself on the run.

Travis did an amazing job of bringing in several characters with such vivid stories they each elicited their own set of emotions within you, whether that be sorrow, anger, love. Though I’m not a fan of the supernatural ideas, I loved the message BROKEN gave. A glimpse into one’s journey of learning to trust in God enough to start a new chapter in their life.

The most powerful aspect of the story for me was why Laila became who she became. The message of how bad decisions can haunt us for a very long time if we don’t confront them and make peace with them through God.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


A couple of years after 9/11 I spotted a book at Sam’s Club. What attracted me was the fireman on the cover (my husband is a fireman). When I realized it had something to do with 9/11 I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a story about that day, fiction or non-fiction. I even wondered what an author was thinking by writing such a book…especially on a few years later.

With indecision, I purchased it.

As I read the story I felt a new awareness to those directly affected by 9/11, and prayed from them anew. I still think of that book and in turn, think of those families that were directly affected by that day.

The book/s, ONE TUESDAY MORNING, and BEYOND TUESDAY MORNING, by Karen Kingsbury.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Extraordinary Measures is an extraordinary story. I'm not a huge fan of Brendan Fraser but the story was one that will have you pondering, and cheering with tears of joy, as well as tears of sorrow.

I would like to think that if I were in the parents situations, God forbid, I'd do the same. That I'd go to the ends of the earth and back to save my child. But really, when one thinks of it he truly did go to extraordinary measures.

What bothered me the most is the reality of what goes on. So much in life is based on money and power. And for that needless deaths are often the results amongst other things such as hunger. What this story does is gives one hope that nothing is impossible.

One only has to believe and not give up. Through Him ALL things are possible!