Sunday, March 27, 2011


The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh will take you on a voyage back in time. Mr. Walsh does a wonderful job of making you feel you’re right there, many years ago, sailing on the SS Vandervere. I loved how Mr. Walsh incorporated slavery and how it played out.

John and Laura are separated at sea after only being married a short time. Laura believes John to be dead but stays strong. Meanwhile John is fighting for his life out at sea. His love for Laura and God is all that keeps him from giving up.

I enjoyed reading the author’s note on his research for The Deepest Waters. It was fascinating to learn what actually happened and how it inspired The Deepest Waters, reminding me of The Titanic.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I loved Josh Duhamel is WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON so when I saw the previews for LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, I knew I had to see it.

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT was everything I anticipated and more-- a funny and sweet romance with a great storyline as well as great acting. It’s one of those movies where I wouldn’t change a thing and don’t want it to end. Definitely a movie I’ll watch more than once.

I loved the history between the two main characters and how it played out. The tension between Messer and Holly was fun to watch as was their growing attraction for one another.

It was a nice surprise to find Josh Lucas, another one of my favorite actors, playing one of the roles. I loved him in SWEET HOME ALABAMA where he played a character polar opposite as that in LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


As I sit down to write this review, I wrestle with whether or not I can do I CALLED HIM DANCER by G. Edward Snipes, justice. The first thing to usually capture my attention in a book is the cover. The second thing would be the title. I CALLED HIM DANCER failed in both those areas. But what did intrigue me was the blurb on the back cover. Despite the cover and title, it sounded like a story I’d enjoy

As I began to read it didn’t take long before I realize I was going to be taken on a wonderful journey. Some books can start out okay just to later dwindle. This was not the case with I CALLED HIM DANCER. Not only was the writing of this well-paced story good, it kept my interest. I smiled. I cried. My heartstrings were tugged, filling up with emotions.

Mr. Snipes does an amazing job with the characters, and the storyline. If I had to say something negative about the book, it would be that there isn’t a good place to set it down. The story is such an amazing one, and so well written you’ll find yourself saying, “Just one more chapter”. There was never a point where I didn’t want to read more to discover what was going to happen next. The ending had me captivated in a way no other book has done in a very long time. I feared how it would end, yet prayed it wouldn’t be so and play out the way I hoped it would.

Dancer’s story is a remarkable one. I CALLED HIM DANCER is packed with trials and tribulations, hope, love, perseverance, God’s calling, as well as His amazing grace and mercy. The message was profound, yet presented in such a natural way one would not walk away feeling preached to. The other characters were well thought-out with stories of their own that will draw you near to them as well.

Do not judge a book by its cover certainly pertained to I CALLED HIM DANCER, and I’m grateful for not having let it stop me from reading this masterful work of art. As an aspiring author, I yearn to write such a compelling story that is sure to touch many lives. I’ve been moved by this story in a way that I will never be the same.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


When I spotted PROUD RANCHER, PRECIOUS BUNDLE by Donna Alward at the store, besides the cowboy on the cover, the authors name caught my eye as I'd read another of her books, A LONE COWBOY. In that book I was impressed by the unique challenge of the hero. I thought the well written book was a real page turner.
PROUD RANCHER, PRECIOUS BUNDLE didn't disappoint with the story

line, as well as the writing. I rarely read a non-Christian book anymore, and although this was not an inspirational novel, it contained very limited bad language and no sexual scenes. I'd love to see Alward switch over to Christian fiction. She'd sure to become one of my favorite authors if she did.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE has sat on my shelf for more years that I care to admit. I kept hearing what a wonderful little book it is, a must read for writers. Unfortunately for me that wasn't the case. On the most part I was lost. I couldn't really grasp the concepts. But what I did get out of it was worth the read. For the price and the number of pages, I recommend it to all who write.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


SAVE THE DATE is not the typical Christian fiction I’d read. The Christian fiction I usually read is more conservative If I had to sum it up in a few words, it would be: modern, witty, fun, and in the end, charming and heartwarming. SAVE THE DATE is definitely a great choice for the younger generation. It was done tastefully and is really a need for today’s young people.

I loved the way Jones sprinkled in God’s message. There were many cute lines that will have you smiling. The last one hundred or so pages really took off for me. In the earlier pages I would never have imaged I’d be wiping tears away at the surprising and unexpected end. I was tempted to immediately read it again.