Saturday, February 27, 2010


This book was a bit of a life saver. It's helped me to express what I've read so often and wanted to write, yet couldn't find the right words at the moment I needed them.

Yes, one could think of it as cheating but really, couldn't we say we've all cheated. Don't we get much of what we write from our own experiences from watching others, from other stories we've heard, and from all those books we've soaked up over the years.

Face it, for most of us, writing is a learning experience. One that with time we grow and learn and get better which only comes from trial and error and persistence. Until we get to be the writers we aspire to be, why not use every possible tool we can that's available to us. Eventually you won't need this book but until then it's a way to get over those humps.

This was definitely one of the greatest writing tools I've invested in.


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