Thursday, February 11, 2010


I purchased this CD for my eight-year-old, but knew it was also going to be for myself. I fell in love with the song, The Climb. I saw the movie with my girls, which by the way was very good. Loved the part where the guy rushes in on his horse to capture, Miley's horse. I put this CD on my ipod, knowing I at least loved two of the song. The Climb, and Hoedown Throwdown. Can't get that beat out of head.

I know I'm in my forties...should I be revealing that...but I love this upbeat, emotional moving, uplifting CD. I listened to it the entire time I was cleaning the house the other day, and found I not only loved the two songs, but the entire CD.

I do love all kinds of music from Blake Shelton, Craig Morgan, Rodney Adkins, to Nickelback, to today's Christian music, and yes, even Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. What would life be like without it?!?!?! I shutter to think such a thought.

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