Sunday, December 19, 2010


I rarely watched TV and only recently discovered I had Lifetime with my new cable provider along with being able to tape shows. When I discovered by chance that a movie was on earlier, LAST CHANCE CAFÉ and that I'd missed it, I was mortified. I simply couldn't wait another month until it was to be on again. I just had to order it online (eventhough I had to order it from Lifetime), knowing it would be a movie I'd watch over and over, again.

I'm a HUGE Linda Lael Miller fan, and have read many of her books, fifteen or more. One of them being LAST CHANCE CAFÉ, which I loved. Oh, what a great day it was to discover one of her books has been made into a movie. I would love to see all of them become a movie...well, almost all of them.

Just as I loved the book, the movie was good as well. Loved the storyline. The acting was good though I wouldn't say great. There were some really great scenes, so true to Linda's writing.

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