Friday, December 10, 2010


I guess there is a spoiler in my review but I don’t really know any way around it to get across what I’d like to convey. Sorry about that. I usually don’t put them in my reviews.

Every since I saw the cardboard standup at the movie theater, I wanted to see EAT PRAY LOVE. I didn’t make to the theater when it was out and waited patiently in hopes that my local library would get it in. And they did. I waited three weeks on a waiting list and when I got the call it was my turn, I went in to pick it up immediately and planned to watch it that night.

I must say I was a bit disappointed in this movie. I was really expecting something profound. Yet as often as the case, I heard the book was really good by a few people. Still, having watched the movie I can’t say I’m eager to read it. A positive note, the acting was good.

I for one am a deeply committed person, so right off the bat the main character leaving her husband the way she did, didn’t sit well with me. As the story unfolded, I kept waiting for something, something that never happened.

The flashbacks of her husband put in my mind she’d come to her senses and discover she really did love him, and needed to give her marriage the work, commitment and chance every marriage deserves. It bothered me greatly that it never materialized.

I totally get that people often make the wrong decision, and that one needs to discover who they are, their purpose in life and all that. In EAT PRAY LOVE, honestly, the only connection to the title I came away with is EAT. She did indulge in eating. As far as PRAY, I was thrown for a loop on the whole praying thing. As a Christian, did I miss something? Or was the PRAY part, praying to a picture of a woman. That was a little disturbing to me to say the least. As far as LOVE, well yeah, she quickly went from one guy to another with a hint of LOVE. Is it me or did she basically jump into another relationship like she confessed she had from the marriage she’d just ran away from?

So in the end I was sorely disappointed in this movie. I felt the title was misleading, leading you down a path far from what the title suggested.

Maybe a better title would be EAT MEDITATE AND HAVE A FLING.


  1. I had caught a glimpse of Julia Roberts and the book's author talking about the movie during a rare viewing of Oprah.. and knew from that discussion that your title Eat, Mediate and Have a Fling would be the best title.. so, as a praying(actual prayer), married (committed and loving) Christian, I avoided the book and movie completely.

  2. HisFireFly,

    Thanks for sharing. I wish I would have realized what it was REALLY about before having wasted my time. But more than that it saddens me deeply that I actually thought it was about praying to God and love, deep committed love. It could have been such a great message to the world and instead I felt cheated/tricked.

    Glad to hear I’m not the only Christian disappointed in the concept behind the movie.