Wednesday, December 22, 2010


After running across this movie on Amazon, being the cowboy lover I am, I just had to have it. The acting was good, and the overall movie was good. The underline message was good as well but I felt it was a little too subtle. A little disjoined, a little confusing. It felt like there was something missing to the connection between the Angel,the cowboy and the other woman.

In the end they kind of threw you for a loop, not leaving you with an “ah, ha” moment but confusion. I mean I got it but it was rather blunt, not carried out very well. I felt they should have played it out a little better to get across the point they’d been trying to convey that hadn’t been clear up until that point. At any rate, it was a good movie, just not great due to the way it was played out in the end.

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