Thursday, April 22, 2010



I guess I’m pretty out of the loop by not watching TV, or reading the newspaper, or listening to the radio. Don’t get me wrong, I watch DVD’s, and listen to CD’s…all the time. I just rather watch and listen to what I want, not what a TV or radio station thinks I should be watching and listening too.

With that said, I had no idea there was Christina County out there. Because of facebook, I discovered Tommy Brandt. Then I checked out his music. Wow! I found several songs I liked. So many in fact it left me no choice but to purchase not one but THREE of his CD’s.

I could hardly wait to receive the CD’s I had ordered. I can’t seem to get enough of Tommy’s music. Each CD has one great song after another. He has an amazing voice, reminds me of Alan Jackson, with great lyrics. Honestly, I often forget I’m listening to Christian music until I really focus on the words. And then once I do, I just love his music all the more.

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