Friday, April 9, 2010


PIECES OF SILVER is a wonderful story, and true to every Maureen Lang book I've read. Always well written, and a story that has you flipping quickly through the pages. What a wonderful story of faith, love, trust, honor, and betrayal.

I found it a fun, and intriguing read, taking me back in time. One thing that really stood out was the absence of cell phones. How different things have become because of such technology. Maureen has a unique way of telling an intriguing story with love gently woven in. And though the romance is not the main focus, you can feel it and sense it all throughout the story.

Liesel is a wonderful character that you're sure to admire for her courage, and honor. David's character is subtle, yet strong, determined, faithful, and honest, as well as gentle, and caring.

The dilemma Liesel finds herself in is wonderfully told by Maureen. Not getting as familiarized with Josef as the other characters, and because of who he is and what he does, obviously one would not like him, yet you find yourself feeling sorry for him as well as for his father.

I loved the way the story ended. Wow, what an amazing ending to a wonderful book. Just as soon as I finished PIECES OF SILVER, I immediately grabbed the next book, REMEMBER ME off my bookshelf. I couldn't wait to get started on it. Though I've only begun, the beginning doesn't fail to draw you right in to the story. I feel like I'd only flipped the next page instead of starting a new book. Already the story has me hooked. I can't wait to find out what will unravel in this one.

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