Friday, June 17, 2011


I only recently discovered author CHARLOTTE CARTER. I loved the first book I read by her, MONTANA HEARTS, so when I spotted BIG SKY REUNION and read the back cover, I purchased it.

It'd been years since Melinda Spencer had in Potter Creek, Montana, but when her ailing aunt returns home from a rehab facility, Melinda offers to stay with her and help with her knitting shop until she fully recovered. Little does Melinda know, that she'll encounter a rebellious cowboy she met many years ago who broke her heart.

Daniel O'Brien can hardly believe his eyes when he spots Melinda, or as he liked to call her, Goldilocks. She'd hightailed it out of town years ago after spending the summer with her aunt.

In the years since Daniel last saw Melinda, God has worked wonders in his life. He senses Melinda is in need of God's grace as well. Could she forgive herself just as Daniel forgave himself with the Lord's help? Or will her guilt ruin any chances of love the second time around.

BIG SKY RENUION is well written with great lines, and a touching story with characters you'll love.

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