Thursday, July 29, 2010


THE COWBOY’S SWEETHEART…Ahhhhhh. What a great story.

Though I’ve only read one of Brenda Minton’s books prior to this one, it was so good I placed her on my list of favorite authors. So when I was at the store and spotted THE COWBOY’S SWEETHEART, I immediately picked it up. Then I made the dreadful mistake of reading the back…then the first page.

At home I was reading another book but Brenda’s book kept calling to me. Oh, I can wait until I’ve finished the book I’m currently reading. But the little bit I had read kept beckoning me. Oh, okay, I’ll just peek…and read a few pages.

Huge mistake! Once I started, I just couldn’t put it down. From the very first word to the very last, I was swept up in an amazing story with characters I quickly fell in love with. Can someone please tell me where this Ryder Johnson lives, AKA Prince Charming.

I loved this story, and as an aspiring writer I’m in awe of Brenda’s writing as well as her plot. Every character drew you into their world. I loved the storyline and what she did with it. It’ll keep you guessing, for sure.

I hadn’t realized when I purchased this book that the main characters had been in the previous book I read, THE COWBOY’S COURTSHIP. Kind of makes we want to read it all over again to refresh my memory of Andie and Ryder in that one.

Need I say I can’t wait for her next book to come out. I’m hoping we’ll hear about Ryder’s brother, Wyatt.

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