Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I’ve been a huge fan of Angela Morrison’s ever since I was introduced to her writing with TAKEN BY STORM about Michael and Leesie, a story that I loved. After I finished TAKEN BY STORM, I couldn’t wait to begin UNBROKEN CONNECTION, the next book in the series. Unfortunately it didn’t come out for some time due complications in getting the book published.

Though it had been some time since I read TAKEN BY STORN, Michael and Leesie’s story was still fresh in my mind because the characters were so alive and their story amazing. It didn’t take me long to get back into their continued story in UNBROKEN CONNECTION.

Like Angela’s other books, which are well written fast paced stories with three-dimensional characters that you fall in love with, this book was no different.

In UNBROKEN CONNECTION, Michael is away in Thailand, living his dream as a diver. Leesie is at BYU living hers. Thought they had parted as friend, they soon find themselves back together. Their relationship grows deeper than ever and Michael decided to take it to a whole new level.

UNBROKEN CONNECTION will leave you loving Michael and aching for Leesie. I can’t wait to receive my copy of the final book in the series, CAYMAN SUMMER, to see how things end up for Michael and Leesie.

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