Sunday, May 22, 2011


A love for animals and a neighbor with an autistic daughter drew me to the movie TEMPLE GRANDIN. Claire Danes did an amazing job portraying Temple Grandin. A must see for anyone who knows an autistic person. Not only will you gain knowledge and an understanding of the challenges of an autistic person and the key people in their life, but you'll be inspired as well.

God is faithful in bringing good out of the trials and tribulations of our lives if we so chose to live life with open eyes and ears and a willing heart. And that's exactly what Temple Grandin did.

TEMPLE GRANDIN will keep you on the edge of your seat, anxiously waiting to see what will happen next. You' be saddened by the hurtful words and actions of others as well as rejoicing in her spirit and determination.

Temple was diagnosed at an early age with autism and recommended to be institutionalized but her mother Eustacia, played by Julia Ormond, wouldn't hear of it. Temple wasn't deterred for long by the negative words of others instead she grasped on to the positive ones from her mother, Aunt Ann, played by Catherine O'Hara, and one of her teachers, Dr. Carlock played by David Strathairn. Her life is a great example of how words can destroy or build up. Never underestimate the power of words.

Temple went on to not only graduate from high school but from college as well, earning a doctorate and becoming a bestselling author, as well as a pioneer in the humane treatment of livestock. I highly recommend this movie. It's one that's sure to have an impact in the way you view others with "disabilities" as well as inspire you to reach for your own dreams.

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