Tuesday, May 24, 2011


THE SWITCH is a fun and surprisingly touching movie. The plot is one that could have gone in the direction of a wacky comedy or a dramatically serious love story. THE SWITCH pulled off a wonderful combination of the two.

Kassie Larson, played by Jennifer Aniston, decides he wants to be a mother. The only problem is she's not in a relationship. But that doesn't deter her. Who needs a man ...well a husband that is? So she decides to use a sperm donor.

Wally Mars, played by Jason Bateman, is not happy with his best friend's decision to mother a child from a man she doesn't know. In denial of his feeling for Kassie, he doesn't interfere with her plans to get pregnant ... well, not intentionally.

At Kaissie's "getting pregnant party," Wally has a little too much to drink, resulting in "the switch". It's not until seven years later that the discovery is made. Wally has a choice to make. Reveal his secret or let the woman he loves marry the wrong guy.

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