Monday, May 16, 2011


Give the Lady a Ride by Linda Yezak certainly took me on a ride. Having only recently gone to my first ever bull riding event, the cover intrigued me. One of the signs of a great book is its ability to draw you in right from the start. With Give the Lady a Ride, the opening line accomplished this, and continued to hold me captive from the very first word to the very last.

When Patricia Talbert discovers she's inherited a ranch, she and her best friend Marie hightail it to Texas to put the property on the market. Talon Carlson, the foreman of Circle Bar Ranch, is every bit a Texas cowboy as Patricia is a high-class social coordinator from New Yorker.

When Patricia unexpectedly shows up, Talon fights his attraction for her like a bull fights to throw his rider. Patricia is determined to sell the ranch, but Talon and his crew have something else in mind. With a growing attraction to Talon, Patricia is filled with indecision and offers him a challenge he can't refuse--teach her how to ride a bull.

If I were to highlight all the good phrases in this story with my marker, the book would be considerably marked up. If I were to then add highlights to the parts that were well written, interesting, fun, and well-paced, there would be no words left unmarked.

I was swept into this story with its vivid characters, so much so that they played out in my mind like those in a great movie. What a treat to not get just one great romance in a story but a touch of another with Chance, Talon's best friend and "brother" and Marie. I've always loved the opposites attract scenario and Yezak did an amazing job. She and Give the Lady a Ride are now on my favorites list.

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