Sunday, January 30, 2011


I picked this movie up because I’ve loved Luke Perry since 90210, as well as my fascination with cowboys. Not one for watching much TV, I finally got a chance to watch it, and by then I’d forgotten it was based on a true story and how it would end.

8 SECONDS is a good movie, well acted and played out with a story behind the story, one that needed to be told. To get a glimpse into the rodeo world was fascinating, as well as the life of Lane Frost.

What an amazing journey, though so profoundly sad.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


FOUND IN TRANSLATIONS is a story of one girl's journey from being a selfish, self-centered young woman to finding meaning and purpose through a mission trip. She's forced to look beyond her own needs. Before her trip even begins, nothing goes as planned. Kim learns quickly that being inflexible isn't going to cut it. She must adapt, and quickly, to the changes she has no control over. She learns a swift lesson in, our plans are not always what God has planned, and for good reason. The importance of listening to God's whispers and following them out, even when we can't see past our own plans. Mission trips can do that to a person.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Even though I didn't feel the character of Charlie was well acted - a little stiff - I LOVED the movie. What a great story. The character Sophie, on the other hand was well acted. The story was plotted out well, keeping you on your toes. Though the ending is what really did it for me. There's nothing like an amazing ending, and LETTERS TO JULIET did it well.

Friday, January 14, 2011


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year-

This movie sounded great, something I'd really like. And though the plot was good, the acting of the heroine ruined it for me. Not sure if it was the actress or just the way she performed her part. Either way, I was not impressed with her acting and it totally took away from the story. I got what her character was suppose represent but it was almost like she was a spoiled, snotty brat...with a smile on her face and in her voice. It just didn't it. It seemed forced and unnatural.

On the other hand, the actor that played the hero was great. I liked his character and felt his acting was done well. Smooth, natural, a character you can fall in love with. Which is really too bad that one character/actress had to ruin it for the entire movie.

Good thing I'd purchased this movie in a two pack, along with "Moonlight & Mistletoe" Now that's a movie I could watch over and over.

Moonlight & Mistletoe-

Moonlight & Mistletoe on the other hand was a wonderful movie. Great acting. Great storyline. It was a cute story done well that will warm your heart and having you smiling. The romance was subtle and of so sweet.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


The more I read Brenda Minton's writing, the more I love it. Just when I thought her stories couldn't get any better, then comes along another. THE COWBOY'S FAMILY was amazing. The writing. The characters. The plot. Not only does she have the amazing ability to write a remarkable story, she has the ability to deliver marvelous lines.

There are books that read fast. And books that don't read well. And then there are books that read slow but not because they can't hold your attention but because they are so wonderfully written you want to savor every word, and every minute inside the pages with the characters. That is what Brenda's writing is to me.

As an aspiring writer, I marvel at her writing. I often shake my head as I reread a line several time, it's so brilliant. She has a way of delivering amazing lines, and adding faith that's so natural, never forced or awaked. I hope to one day deliver such amazing words. You can bet I'll be searching the bookshelves for the next Brenda Minton book.

Yee Haw! Love them cowboys!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Secrets Under the Midnight Sun is a wonderful story for young readers, ages eight to twelve. Freddie gives you a subtle glimpse into one’s life of abuse and the devastating effects. Elisa touches on how secrets can destroy families and those that are keeping them. An elementary or middle school student could read this story without feeling they were reading something beyond them, yet comprehend on a safe level what Freddie is going through.

For those that have not experienced what Freddie has, they can get the idea in a nonthreatening way. For those that know of someone going through what Freddie went through, they can gain some understanding and compassion. Maybe even talk them into revealing their secret to a trusted adult. For those that are going through what Freddie went through, it can be the light at the end of the tunnel, letting them know they are not alone. That in spite of the consequences, some secrets should never be kept.

I felt for Freddie and what she was going through and I loved her spirit and courage. I loved how she looked to God, though I was saddened by her mother’s denial and how she handled the situation to a degree. I felt for her sisters and brother, and yes, even for her father who will have to answer to God one day, and for all he missed out on and lost. Those that abuse, often have been abused themselves.

Elise took a sad situation and could have made Freddie angry, turn from God and head down a path of destruction. Instead, she had her turn to God and trust Him enough that she finally saw things as they really were. In spite of it all, I saw an amazing future for Freddie, and that’s the message of hope I believe Elise will conveyed to her young readers.

I’d love to see a book like this as required reading for younger students. To think of the lives that could be changed in hearing Freddie’s story. This is what we need that reveal the things no one ever dares talk about so people can find help and heal and possibly put an end to the horrible cycles of abuse.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


What a wonderful story. Great acting. Great storyline. One you'll want to watch again and again. What a cute idea played out perfectly. A touch of love. A touch of a fairytale. A touch of humor. This heartwarming story has it all with just the right dose of everything you need for a good romance.