Thursday, January 6, 2011


The more I read Brenda Minton's writing, the more I love it. Just when I thought her stories couldn't get any better, then comes along another. THE COWBOY'S FAMILY was amazing. The writing. The characters. The plot. Not only does she have the amazing ability to write a remarkable story, she has the ability to deliver marvelous lines.

There are books that read fast. And books that don't read well. And then there are books that read slow but not because they can't hold your attention but because they are so wonderfully written you want to savor every word, and every minute inside the pages with the characters. That is what Brenda's writing is to me.

As an aspiring writer, I marvel at her writing. I often shake my head as I reread a line several time, it's so brilliant. She has a way of delivering amazing lines, and adding faith that's so natural, never forced or awaked. I hope to one day deliver such amazing words. You can bet I'll be searching the bookshelves for the next Brenda Minton book.

Yee Haw! Love them cowboys!

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