Tuesday, July 12, 2011


If I could only say one thing about ALLIE PLEITER'S writing, it would be her amazing ability to write in different styles employing a unique voice for each genre. The KENTUCKY CONNERS, a contemporary series, reads with a distinctive voice, while MASKED BY MOONLIGHT and MISSION OF HOPE, both historical, read in yet another. To my surprise, YUKON WEDDING had yet a different voice. What they all have in common is Allie's flair for unique and witty lines.

YUKON WEDDING immediately drew me in with a powerful beginning and dynamic characters. Lana Bistrow, recent widow and mother, is struggling on her own to survive in Treasure Creek, Alaska. When Mack Tanner, her deceased husband's friend, steps in and offers her a marriage of convenience, she refuses.

Mack Tanner sees marriage to Lana as his duty to protect his former business partner and friends, family. Lana doesn't take kindly to his offer of marriage and the stubborn woman makes him ask several times before she finally gives in.

What may have started out as a marriage of convenience, slowly blossoms into love as Lana and Mack endure the trials and tribulations of the Alaskan town he founded, Treasure Creek.

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