Sunday, July 3, 2011


The word “great” would not be the word I’d use to describe the movie ME AND ORSON WELLS, but I would say it was a good movie. The acting was wonderful, as well as the production. However what I found most fascinating about ME AND ORSON WELLS is what I learned afterwards about the man.

Although I recognized the name, I didn’t realize who Orson Wells was until I looked him up on the Internet and found a picture of him at an older age. Christian McKay plays Orson with an amazing likeness in physical features as well as doing a spectacular job portraying him.

In looking into his history I discovered Orson Wells was originally from Kenosha Wisconsin and at a young age, moved to Chicago Illinois with his mother. Not far from where I live. His mother died when Orson was just eight years old, and he was thirteen when his father passed away.

Zac Efron does a wonderful job playing Richard Samuels, a young man who finds himself working alongside Orson Wells in a production of JULIUS CAESAR. He’s warned by Sonja Jones, played by Claire Danes, that no one disagrees with the great Orson Wells. Despite the warning, he does just that and at the end of the production, is fired by Orson.

ME AND ORSON WELLS was even paced, well acted, and an interesting storyline. Though I wouldn’t say it was action packed, exciting, or filled with drama, yet still a movie worth watching.

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