Tuesday, February 1, 2011


After receiving KAYDIE, I discovered it was book two in the Montanan Skies series. When I realized book one, MACKENZIE, was about her search for her sister KAYDIE, I knew I had to quickly purchase it so I could read it first (See my review on for MACKENZIE).

KAYDIE is a sweet romance set in the Montana Territory in the late 1800’s. Penny Zeller has some great lines, my favorite being the one about a servant. Very unique. I smiled as I reread it over several times. The characters had well thought-out past that will take you on a journey of hope, and forgiveness as they slowly learn to trust in the Lord and allow themselves to love, again.

KAYDIE, as well as MACKENZIE, have well planned storylines. Ones that will have you turning the pages, wanting to know what will happen, next.

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