Saturday, November 27, 2010


Once again Sharlene MacLaren has swept me away in ABBIE ANN. A large novel at 500 pages, reads smoothly, taking you on an amazing journey that you never want to end. What wonderful characters! I thought the first two in the series HANNAH GRACE and MAGGIE ROSE, had amazing characters with remarkable stories. I shouldn’t have doubted for a minute that I would love Abbie Ann and Noah any less or their stories.

Besides Sharelene’s wonderful writing and storytelling, she has an astonishing way of weaving in layer upon layer of drama and twists. She delivered wonderful lines that had me laughing, as well as heartwarming moments that made my eyes well up with tears. And all done so smoothly and naturally that you forget you’re reading fiction.

I was totally amazed at the details to boat building throughout the story. I’d have to guess a lot of research went into ABBIE ANN. Just one of the things I love so much about Sharlene’s writing is the depth and growth of each characters story.

I can’t wait to receive the next book of Sharlene’s I recently ordered, LONG JOURNEY HOME. Hurry up, Amazon!

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