Wednesday, September 22, 2010



BROKEN is like no other I’ve read. Being a fan of Travis Thrasher’s romance novels, when I spotted BROKEN I purchased it. Though he may write in a variety of genre, how can one not at least give one of his other novels a try?

I loved the journal entries before each chapter. It pulled you into the very heart of the main character, Laila.

The story started as pure mystery that kept you turning the pages, wanting to understand what was going on. As the story unfolds, page after page, you are slowly taken on a journey of a young woman who through a series of bad choices found herself on the run.

Travis did an amazing job of bringing in several characters with such vivid stories they each elicited their own set of emotions within you, whether that be sorrow, anger, love. Though I’m not a fan of the supernatural ideas, I loved the message BROKEN gave. A glimpse into one’s journey of learning to trust in God enough to start a new chapter in their life.

The most powerful aspect of the story for me was why Laila became who she became. The message of how bad decisions can haunt us for a very long time if we don’t confront them and make peace with them through God.

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