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Title: As Waters Gone By
Author: Cynthia Ruchti
Publisher: Abingdon Press (May 5, 2015)
Pages: 304

When I was given the chance to read, AS WATERS GONE BY by CYNTHIA RUCHTI, I accepted with enthusiasm. I am very involved in the prison and jail ministry through my church, so the plot had me eager to read it. I have to admit the title seemed a bit of a tongue twister and baffling. But I will get back to that, later.

With money running out and no other options, Emmalyn Ross moves to Madeline Island. There she meets others that welcome her into their world with open arms. A group of individuals with character, kindness, and passion. As Emmalyn begins to renovate the small cottage, God begins to do His own work within her.

There are stories that are fast paced, and stories that have peaks and valleys. Then there are stories that glide along smooth and tranquil, like waters on a night with no breeze or current. AS WATERS GONE BY is the latter.

As a writer, I can be critical when it comes to books. I no longer read with an untrained eye. What I have come to learn is there are several key elements to storytelling. Having all of them, and done well, is what makes a great story. If just one of those elements is not present and or not done properly, it can be the downfall of a potentially great story.

The typical style story I read is ones with peaks and valleys. AS WATERS GONE BY did not provide that element…for much of the story. Other books I may have stopped reading sixty or so pages into it. What kept me going in MS RUCHI’S story is that she did an amazing job with the other elements needed for a great read. Knowing the story had to do with someone in prison, was another key to continuing. I have to admit, I hoped it would be worth it in the end.

Like a light being turned on in a very dark room, the shift happened. Everything started to click and move along in a way that had me wanting more. In many books, you sense where things are leading, yet I was unsure where MS RUCHTI was going with AS WATERS GONE BY. What I didn’t expect was to read the last pages with a fuzzy warm feeling, AND tear filled eyes.

The characters are unique, three dimensional, and endearing. The content realistic. The choice of words and lines, remarkable. Often a title doesn’t mean much. Doesn’t stand out or have importance to it. In AS WATERS GONE BY, that was not the case. As perplexed as I was about the title, in the end it all came together in a profound way. A way that made me say, awe. So that’s why. Yet it’s so much more than that…

MS RUCHTI is an amazing writer. There have not been many stories I’ve read that I enjoyed reading at a slow pace, soaking in each word. I am at awe of her choice of words, having dog-eared pages, and highlighted a few lines. Something I rarely do in fiction. I am blown away how a book can turn from a “I’m not so sure about this” to a “an amazing story that will remain with me for a very long time.” One that not only tugged at my heart, but  showed me how to string words together and weave a story that will resonate in reader’s hearts.

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