Monday, December 3, 2012


Title: Death in Dahlonega

Author: Deborah Malone
Publisher: Lamp Post Inc. (October 21, 2011)
Pages: 132

Trixie Montgomery and her good friend Dee Dee, adventure off to the north Georgia Mountains, to write a historical article for the magazine Trixie works for. It doesn't take long for trouble to start brewing. Dee Dee is caught red-handed holding a bloody pickax over John Tatum. Trixie is bound and determined not to let her good friend take the rap for a murder she is sure Dee Dee didn't do. Trixie will stop at nothing until justice is served.

I'm not a cozy mystery reader. I don't like slapstick comedy. I just can't get into the funny side of something otherwise serious.

Yet ....

DEATH IN DAHLONEGA by DEBORAH MALONE is a terrific read. It's very well written with many comical moments, as well as unique lines. MS. MALONE will have you turning the pages with a mystery that will keep you guessing. If I were a cozy mystery reader, I'd purchase each of MS. MALONE'S novels.

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