Sunday, February 12, 2012


Title: A Ranger’s Trail (The Texas Trail Series)
Author: Darlene Franklin
Publisher: Moody Publishers; New Edition edition (February 1, 2012)
Pages: 288

In A RANGER'S TRAIL, author DARLENE FRANKLIN has incorporated fiction with non-fiction, set in the late 1800's. FRANKLIN provides insight to which characters are fictional and which are not. Each chapter begins with a real life account from actual documents that pertain to that particular chapter, an added plus to this historical novel.

Leta Denning witnesses the killing of her husband in the hands of angry men after being acquitted from cattle rustling. She is left alone to care for her young son and teenage brother. Bringing her husband's killers to justice is never far from her mind as she wrestles with all she's lost.

Texas Ranger, Buck Morgan comes home after an extended absence to uncover a wrongful killing. What he hadn't expected is the widow,Leta Denning to be a beautiful and strong independent woman.

The account of the range wars and cattle rustling will intrigue male readers as well as females, despite the romantic element. A RANGER'S TRAIL is the forth book of six in THE TEXAS TRAIL SERIES.

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