Monday, August 23, 2010


No kidding, this movie changed my life. In all my years I never really got it until this movie. Being a visual person, seeing THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST made me realize what not only God/Jesus went through but Mary as well. A mother myself, know no matter what I go through with my kids, it can't compare to what Mary had to endure, seeing her son go through what He did. And He was innocent.

This movie and reading "The Purpose Drive Life", catapulted me into a Christ Centered Christian. I now fully live my life for Him. I live to seek out and live out my passions that God has given me. There's nothing like a life serving others in His name.

I'm the adult coordinator for the prison pen pal program through my church, Willow Creek Community Church in, S. Barrington, IL. An amazing ministry. If you love to write, have the gift to mentor and encourage, check out the pen pal ministry through Willow Creek at,

There's no greater joy then to serve Him!

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