Thursday, January 22, 2015


Title: Pieces of Granite (Coming Home, Prequel) (Coming Home Series)
Author: Brenda S Anderson
Publisher: Vivant Press; 1 edition (December 5, 2014)
Pages: 356

When I was given the opportunity to read PIECES OF GRANITE by BRENDA S ANDERSON, I didn't hesitate. I loved her book CHAIN OF MERCY, and I do mean LOVED it. To be honest, once I realized it was going back in time, the excitement diminished a bit. I loved Ricky in CHAIN OF MERCY, yet I had read his story, and knew of his sister Debbie and her family. How would it be to hear about them after already experiencing their lives?

Debbie and Jerry Verhoeven are expecting their second child. One would think they would be overjoyed. Though Debbie may be, Jerry is not. Not only is he not happy about their new child, he is having serious issues knowing she will not be perfect.

I was not prepared to enjoy PIECES OF GRANITE as much as I did, knowing it was going back in time. I loved getting to see another part of Ricky. I was equally intrigued by Debbie and Jerry's neighbor, Lee. I'm secretly hoping there will be a story about him. I was totally engaged in Debbie and Jerry's life.

I cannot adequately express how amazing MS ANDERSON'S writing is. It is near flawless. What I find intriguing is how realistic her stories are. It sounds so basic, yet I never realized how difficult a task it must be to accomplish, because I cannot recall any other author that has written so accurately to every day life, and at the same time keep the story as equally engaging. The honesty and realism is off the charts. I often found myself shaking my head thinking wow; I have felt that or lived that. While reading PIECES OF GRANITE it came to mind that every parent needs to read this book.

Not only was I wrong about it being awkward to read about Ricky after having read his story in CHAIN OF MERCY, I am tempted to reread it, having fallen in love with him all over again in PIECES OF GRANITE.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Title: A Rancher for Christmas
Author: Brenda Minton
Publisher: Love Inspired (November 18, 2014)
Pages: 224

Yes, A RANCHER FOR CHRISTMAS is what I’ve always dreamed of. And as usual, BRENDA MINTON delivers another amazing novel.

I was intrigued by Breezy Hernandez in THE COWBOY LAWMAN (Cooper Creek Book 5) by BRENDA MINTON, so naturally I was excited when I discovered there’d be a story about the main characters sister, Breezy.  

Breezy Hernandez has issues, thought she is not the only one. It may be her upbringing to not stick around, but it is not her desire. Deep down she wants nothing more than to find a place she can call home…forever.

Jake Martin is a little more than uneasy about the situation he’s tossed into by his best friend and sisters will. Breezy has a past. One he knows about through a private investigator. One that puts his own insecurities on his sleeves.

Not quite a marriage of convenience, but still tossed together in an unlikely way, MS MINTON has created a typical Love Inspired story, yet not so typical. As always the case with MS MINTON, her plot will draw you in, and the characters will win your heart. Aside from being an amazing storyteller, the unique lines she comes up with are refreshing, delightful, and as a writer, inspiring.

As always is the case with BRENDA MINTON'S books, no sooner do I read the last word, I am looking forward to the next book.